Spirits that live up to the family name.


Keeping to a deep Williams family tradition, our Carolina Whiskey is made from the finest locally grown grains. It is hand-crafted in small batches from our pre-prohibition recipe. ONW Carolina Whiskey offers a subtle, but complex and well balanced taste with that old fashioned flare!

“Not a minutes headache in a barrel.” — Col. Joseph Williams, 1768

Spirit Attributes
• Fresh
• Aromatic
• Full Bodied
• Warm, Bright Finish


We’ve taken the wonderful flavors and aromas of the Carolina Whiskey up a notch by barrel aging it for approximately 18 months. Our Carolina Bourbon is a complex wheated Bourbon with notes of caramel, butterscotch, and toasted oak.  Bottled at 92 proof, this bourbon finishes off smooth and warm to please a variety of palates.

Our bourbon won a double gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.



The newest addition to our whiskies, Coattail® starts off with our ONW Carolina Whiskey and is then aged with oak chips and cinnamon sticks.  No added sugars, artificial flavors, or colors.  This whiskey is bottled at 85 proof and gives you a smooth finish with a subtle hint of cinnamon.


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