ONW Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Spirit Attributes

We’ve taken the wonderful flavors and aromas of the Carolina Whiskey up a notch by barrel aging it for approximately 18 months. Our Carolina Bourbon is a complex wheated Bourbon with notes of caramel, butterscotch, and toasted oak. Bottled at 92 proof, this bourbon finishes off smooth and warm to please a variety of palates.

Our bourbon won a double gold at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition.


ONW Straight Bourbon Whiskey Recipes

Tropical Bourbon Lemonade

 *Donated by Kellee Lehman @ Hattie B’s, Clemmons, NC

Combine ONW Carolina Bourbon, mango and passion fruit purees, and sour mix in an ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake well. Pour into a 16oz glass filled with ice. Top off with lemon lime soda.



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