Van is filling the bottles on our very first batch! 9/25/15

Cutting the ribbon at Foothills Distillery, Conover NC with the Mayor of Conover, Zack Cranford and Tim Weaver (founders of Foothills Distillery), and Russell Hedrick (the man behind our grains) on October 1, 2015

Sealing the foundation


Our still has arrived!

Elaina O’Connell from Time Warner Cable interviews Zeb on the history of the company

Matt Williams giving a tour.

We are so thankful to our friends who came out to help us bottle for the first time since prohibition!  9/25/15

Zeb and Matt check the whiskey as it comes off the still.

Zeb, Van, John, and Matt hold the first bottle that we have sold since Prohibition!  10/01/2015

Pouring the footings

Installing the insulation and siding

Fermentation tanks and mash ton have arrived

Van Williams is working hard to build this beautiful bar in the tasting room

The tasting room was packed on grand opening day!

Matt signs a bottle on October 1, 2015- the first time you can purchase a bottle from the distillery in North Carolina.

Building the foundation

The outside is almost complete!

Framing the inside

Zeb is putting up sheet rock in the tasting room

Grand Opening Day!
Zeb Williams shows visitors the grain mill and talks about our mash.